a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to
community empowerment and cultural bridging

We assist Lakota Rose Madison® Peace Places and members of the Lakota Rose Madison tiospaye with services such as: counseling, prevention and intervention services; assistance in identifying appropriate grants for Peace Place facilities or organizations; data base information on tiospaye members and organizations; assistance in setting up relationships with cultures outside the dominant culture; presentations for individuals and groups affiliated with LRMI tiospaye organizations; and assistance in promoting networks and resource links between Peace Places, and other tiospaye entities. Some services involve fees paid by the requesting organization. Inquiries for services can be made through Two Trees, Inc.

Dave Weinkauf is a media producer, lecturer, and arts consultant. He taught at the university level for 38 years in South Dakota and Pennsylvania. He created and ran a program in Cinema (film, video, animation) at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Dave is available to make presentations and workshops on story telling, scripting, film and video production, sound recording, and animation. He can also serve as a consultant on the arts.

Mary Anne Angel, Ph.D. founded the Circle of Light at UD. She also co-produced the video Tatanka Wijnyan and co-founded Two Trees, Inc. She is available for presentations, workshops, training and consulting in areas such as Transformational leadership, cross-cultural relationships; storytelling; and community empowerment.

Alicia Pagan is an arts educator, storyteller, musician, and cross-cultural facilitator. Alica is available for presentations on the arts, culture, and community involvement. She can also bring the mural project to communities. She and Ray Two Crows Wallen can do music performances and storytelling.

Ray Two Crows Wallen is a guitar player, flute player and songwriter. Raymond is available to facilitate Cultural Competency Workshops for Pre-K-12, College Classrooms and Professional Development In-Services. He and Alicia Pagan can do music performances and story-telling.

Melody Rendon is a publicist and publisher of Native American books. Melody can offer the following servies: write press releases, construct biographical information and resumes, read manuscripts, do publishing consultation, set up interviews and promote events.

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