a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to
community empowerment and cultural bridging

Any individual, family, organization, or community that owns, operates, or identifies itself as a Lakota Rose Madison® Peace Place is a separate and autonomous entity that offers to provide for youth, a safe and alcohol, drug and gang free space in memory of Lakota Rose Madison.

All individuals or groups that use the name and/or story of Lakota Rose Madison agree not to use it for self-serving profit or in a fraudulent manner but instead in a way that helps youth and honors Lakota’s name, family, and people. Any group hoping to establish a Lakota Rose Madison® Peace Place agrees to be guided by the following behaviors in the operation of the Peace Place:

          Safe - Relationships within and gathering places for the tiospaye and groups overseeing the Peace Place will be safe-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

          Sober - When we engage in any work or relationships that are directly or indirectly related to the Lakota Rose Madison Initiative, we will not only maintain sobriety ourselves but be willing to help others with healing or recovery.

          Honorable - To behave in an honorable manner means that one’s words and actions have integrity. This means we will walk our talk, keep verbal commitments we have made and follow through on what we say we will do.

          Respectful - When we listen or talk, we will do so in a respectful way especially during times of conflict and tension. We will treat all creation, including ourselves, with respect.

          Reciprocal - Healthy relationships create sacred circles around individuals, families and community while they work on their own healing and empowerment. Giving and receiving must flow both ways.

          Compassionate - Love of the Creator and “all that is created,” including ourselves, is demonstrated by the way we treat all of our relatives, including ourselves. Compassion is demonstrated through service that is interdependent, not co-dependent.

Lakota Rose Madison® & Lakota's® are registered trademarks of Two Trees, Inc.