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    In Memory Of:

January 8, 1939 – June 9, 2007

We are saddened with the news of the passing of Manny Twofeathers.  In addition to being Lakota Rose Madison’s adopted grandfather, Manny was a sundance leader, actor, author, native artist, mixed-blood spiritual leader, and cultural consultant for Two Trees.  Throughout his life, he worked tirelessly and unselfishly for others including all of us at Two Trees.  Words cannot adequately express how much he means to us and is missed.
November 26, 1959 – April 2, 2009

We are also saddened by the news of the passing of Dennis Bussell, a great teacher, healer, cultural consultant for Two Trees, author, and friend.  Dennis, a Cherokee, traveled with us to our events here in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and in South Dakota.  He was a tireless worker and counselor to youth everywhere and to inmates of numerous incarceration facilities.  He had extensive knowledge of Native traditions, arts, teaching models, and ceremony.  His expertise extended to Chinese and Korean martial arts; Ropes Course Facilitation and adventure-based learning; and motivational speaking.  Again, words can’t adequately describe the sense of loss we feel at his passing.
August 4, 1944 – September 23, 2009

During his life, Dr. Robin "Doc" Herman was a great supporter and worker for Two Trees and its many activities.  But he was so much more making his passing so sad for so many people of all faiths, walks in life, and economic backgrounds that he helped, encouraged, loved, and empowered.  He was a specialist in criminology and adjunct professor at Wright State University where he taught a course called "The Psychology of Incarceration."  He also authored and coauthored two books titled The Psychology of Incarceration:  A Distortion of the State of and Hanbleceya Quest for Vision:  The Stage of Belonging.  His program and books use a deeply original holistic approach to explore root behavioral issues that can influence a person's incarceration experiences.  "Doc" always referred to his students and family members as "Dr" thus empowering and inspiring so many lives.  He never turned down any invitations to work for an event or cause or to help others. He saved and affected so many lives and is missed by so many.

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